Artist Statement

I am drawn to beautiful objects that catch my eye, and most of them are found in nature. I feel great joy swinging my brushes and pencils on paper. I ponder the details, colors, light and shadow in the process to reach my artistic expression. When a painting is created, the feeling of achievement is like tasting a glass of sweet red wine. As an artist, I capture the beauty of nature and bestow it a new life by my hands.

Artist Bio

Annie Daigle was born in a small city in Taiwan in 1971. Annie began to develop an interest in drawing during her preschool age. Her parents took her to an art class and had lessons until kindergarten graduation. She continued learning about drawing and painting on her own throughout her life; Annie is a self-taught artist. "I want to be an artist!" this has been her childhood dream, and she has begun and been ready to pursue her dream.

Annie loves to paint animals, especially birds. Her art is inspired by nature and her imagination. She is passionate about creating art with her hands. "When I look at my finished artwork, I feel I have given a life to my art, and then I'm contented." She uses watercolor for her art creation most of time. She also draws with graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, and pastel.

Member of Studio 30 Art Club since 2016.

2018 Group exhibition, Studio 30 Spring Art Show, Victoria BC (forthcoming)
2017-2018 Group exhibition, non public art show in Ministry of Health, Victoria BC.
2017 Group exhibition, Studio 30 Fall Art Show, Victoria BC.
2017 Group exhibition, 15th Sidney Fine Art Show, Sidney BC.
2017 Group exhibition, Saanich Fair Art Gallery, Saanich BC.
2017 Group exhibition, Studio 30 Spring Art Show, Victoria BC.

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